TastePrint 3D Model

TastePrint™ separates products into structurally different “TastePrint™ Zones” based on our 3D Model.

TastePrint is a “disruptive” model for exploring products (like wines and bourbons) using a “Visual Print”   • 3D representation of a products characteristics
   • Shows a products taste succinctly
   • Allows users to visually compare products
   • TastePrint™ provides a complete analysis of a products taste from both SUBJECTIVE and OBJECTIVE viewpoints:
         – Subjective analysis – based on reputation and knowledge of TastePrint Panel
         – Objective analysis – based on measured attributes

WinePrint Level 4 ScreenHow does TastePrint™ work:
TastePrint™ is a subscription-based club, that allows users to find, explore and compare products like Wines and Bourbons.  It allows users to visually compare these products, and provides tools to empower and enable them to learn more.  Whether an individual product or a group within a “TastePrint™ Zone”, our system reveals the product’s taste, structure, aroma, other attributes.   Users can even submit products for inclusion into the system.

EmpowerEnhanceEngageTastePrint™ Features:
    • Reaches out to a wide range of consumers
    • Helps users avoid being overwhelmed by a long list of products with no basis for comparison
    • Avoids uncertainty of purchase without knowing what products taste like
    • Consumers “see product relationships”, and can compare their similarities and differences
    • TastePrint™ guides consumers as they learn about products
    • Engages users via forum-based social discussions and reviews
    • Provides opportunities for users to attend sponsored events
    • Allows for user taste profiling (self assessment)
    • Provides product history and insights into the history of a product
    • Mailing list and Forums