New Bourbon Added: Black Maple Hill 8yr Small Batch

Name: Black Maple Hill 8yr Small Batch
Distiller: Heaven Hill Distillery
Type: High-Rye
Color: Red/Amber
Proof: 95
Age: 8 Years
Price: $32

About: We’ll start with our only complaint: a sealer wax and short cork combination that makes getting to the juice difficult, but the effort pays off handsomely. There is controversy over where this super-premium Bourbon is actually distilled, but few dispute its exalted position in the pantheon of brown liquor. 

Once we won our battle with the top, we enjoyed the smell of victory with molasses and brown sugar on the nose. On the palate, Black Maple Hill is sweet as Bourbons can be, but in a masculine sort of way, like maple syrup enjoyed by a lumberjack. It has a supple mouthfeel, filling the mouth with sweet and satisfying honey-tinged flavor, and a finish that seems to never end. It’s so smooth, there’s no need for ice. Despite its 95-proof strength, there’s not a hint of burn even when enjoyed neat. We can’t wait to meet her 21-year-old sister.