New Bourbon Added: Parker’s Heritage Collection 27 Yr Small Batch

Name:Parker’s Heritage Collection 27 Yr Small Batch
Distiller: Jim Beam
Type: Wheated
Color: Dark Amber
Proof: 96
Age: 27 Years
Price: $200

About: Bulleit Bourbon has trod a long road to its current renown. Originally conceived in the 1830s by Augustus Bulleit, the bourbon was promptly lost to history as Augustus disappeared while transporting his original batch between Kentucky and New Orleans. More than one hundred years later, his great-great-grandson, Tom Bulleit, decided to re-enter the family trade, sticking as closely as he could to his relation’s recipe and style. The result is Bulleit Bourbon — a drink that crackles with the rough character of its pioneer roots.

Every facet of Bulleit is designed to recall the bourbon’s past, from its recipe to its “Old West”-style bottles which feature the phrase “Frontier Whiskey.” Even its name makes it sound like it belongs with a Colt .45. So, despite the praline and vanilla aftertastes, some may find its smoky aromas and aggressive taste too harsh for sippin’. To civilize the flavor without burying it, we recommend the following simple recipe.